Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Shepherd as Leader: an image of leadership

I recommend the book “Shepherd Leadership” by Blaine McCormick and David Davenport (2003) for insight and understanding of the meaning of shepherd leadership.

The Leader is a highly visible shepherd who performs the servant’s work and then some.

The Leader is squarely at the front of the followers to serve as a role model and guide…never being so far out in front (or behind) that he/she could not come alongside.

Leaders become shepherds when they awaken to the reality that their actions and decisions can improve the quality of their followers’ lives forever.

Shepherd Leadership is a way of being. “Being with” the follower and seeing from the perspective of the follower.

Shepherd Leadership is a whole-person leadership…a matter of head and hand and heart; a way of thinking and doing and being.

When I think about "building accessible classrooms" and the idea that assistive technology can benefit learners in profound ways, I am reminded that a shepherd leader knows that every sheep in the flock matters. Why is it taking so long for assistive technology to become pervasive in schools? Where are the shepherd leaders that:
- Empower others to see more and learn more than would ever be possible on their own;
- Envision the next destination and the best way to get there; and
- Provide an environment of contentment and abundance for increased growth and progress for all learners?