Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Doctoral Journey Begins

I started my doctoral journey in September of 2008 but didn’t really feel I had started the journey until today. As I begin considering my research proposal it now seems real to me! I’m contemplating what I will do, how I will do it and why it is important. Since my field of study is in educational technology leadership, I will continue to use this blog to track my thoughts, ideas, findings throughout my journey and hopefully get some great feedback along the way!

If you are interested in providing any feedback on my starting point, let me know and I can send you a copy of my independent study exploring the following question: Why would an interpretive case study and methodological processes using visual methods support a legitimate exploration of the strategies used by educational leaders in order to cultivate teaching and learning with technology?

In the article I wrestle with the choice of qualitative methodological approaches drawing on literature in case study research, visual methods, and educational technology, along with my own personal experiences in conducting an exploratory research project in the proposed field of study from 2006-2008. This independent study was particularly beneficial for me in reflecting on my past research experiences and identifying how I can become a more reflexive researcher in the future. For example, in the article there is a hyperlink to the appendix where I included examples of how photographs were used for representation purposes in the past exploratory study I was involved in. I also discuss how the use of photographs could support a more collaborative approach in follow-up conversations with the participants in a future study. You may find reading this article helpful if you are considering case study as a method for inquiry or if you would like ideas in using visual methodological approaches for own research.

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