Monday, July 13, 2009

Educational Technologists

I loved the quote that Dr. Jacobsen shared with us about educational technologists as it suitably describes how I felt as each doctoral student provided a self-introduction today:
“Educational technologist can be recognized by the stars in their eyes. They know they are sitting on the most explosive potential of the century. Theirs is the apex of innovative motivation. Whether they are fashioning learning environments, creating media, designing instruction or effecting research and theory, educational technologists have a dream- a dream that can sustain them, and those they touch, well into the next century” (Beckwith, 1988)

It was really exciting to meet so many outstanding individuals that are also on the doctoral journey in educational technology! I was fascinated by the variety of backgrounds and interests in the group and the connections to education and technology. The following diagram is a word cloud I created using Wordle to capture the topics that I found intriguing as everyone provided introductions during today’s class.


Doug said...

.. thanks for the artistic rendering of our day... the youtube video suggested in one of your other postings has left me with a great quote. "The death of education and the dawn of learning!"


Belina said...

Thank-you for sharing your wordle. It is a great visual representation of the diversity of expertise and research interests in our small but mighty group. WOW!

Lisa O'Neill said...

Thank you for this visual. I see many terms that I did not register although I thought I was listening intently and taking notes. I wish that I had audio from that introduction for my review. I would love context to some of what you have captured (these surprising aspects of our group)!

Barb Brown said...

Yes, I was thinking an audio file would have been good today as well!