Monday, December 13, 2010

Learning Together

My commentary and reflection on visionary leadership:

The mission and goal of this group may seem obvious due to the circumstances. The task may appear easy to outside observers but in fact it is very difficult and requires distributed leadership. There are likely new tools or new methods that could be used to make the task more efficient and safe. Most of the participants seem to be working together with their peers purposefully towards a common goal. However, it is evident some are contributing more than others and some appear to be bystanders for this particular task. The group members are utilizing their strengths but may be moving too quickly. The group did not test out the process or strategy on a small scale before proceeding. In addition, the group did not consider the risks and collect and analyze sufficient data from the environment before proceeding with the strategy. The bystanders did not protect the group’s blindside and help predict the unintended consequences and results. Luckily, the group is familiar with the philosophy of “Getting to Maybe” and recognizes the value of learning from both successes and challenges. Through this experience the group learned the importance of taking time to collect sufficient data from the environment, working collectively as a team, looking out for eachother’s blindsides and considering strategies for implementation from multiple perspectives.

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